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Meet our Members: Meet Nichole Fussell!


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Feb 16, 2024
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Tell us about yourself!​

Hi, I am Nichole Fussell; I am the Director for Disability Services at Faulkner University. I also am the LDA President for the Alabama chapter.

What’s a fun fact about you?​

I was a pole-vaulter in college.

Why did you become a member of LDA?​

I became an LDA member when I first got into the field of disability services to learn more about resources in our community and to assist with needs and trainings. I really have learned so much from LDA, especially the resources in my community and the needs of individuals in Alabama.

Our former president Tamara Massey works with Healthy Children and this has really influenced Alabama in educating individuals about environmental factors that can affect children. LDA really helps families to better understand resources and the needs of individuals with learning disabilities.
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