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Knowledge In Action


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Feb 16, 2024
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Online clinical resource library helps members make better sourcing decisions​


Stephanie Thompson, PharmD, MBA

HealthTrust’s Clinical Services Team has a long history of curating available research to arm sourcing leaders and supply chain professionals with the best information available to help make evidence-based sourcing decisions. Through the years, that information has taken various forms—from Clinical Evidence and Technology Reviews to Physician Insights and Conversion Resources.

“Recognizing that we held a wealth of valuable content, the team saw an opportunity to expand its impact by developing an online resource library where members could access practical, digestible information to efficiently aid them in making supply and sourcing decisions,” shares Stephanie Thompson, PharmD, MBA, VP of Clinical Services at HealthTrust.

What’s in the library?​


Jenny Werthman, Ph.D., MBA, RN, NE-BC

Launched in April 2023, the Knowledge Library is a digital resource accessible through the Member Portal. “There, members can pull insights that address various clinical questions on important issues members are facing,” says Jenny Werthman, Ph.D., MBA, RN, NE-BC, Clinical Director on HealthTrust’s Clinical Services team.

Users can search for resources and download them as PDFs. They can also ask a clinical question directly in the tool, and the team will do the research and find the answer.

“Our Knowledge Library serves as a bridge from the business to the clinical space,” adds Thompson. “People are usually focused on one or the other, so our resources help translate the information so that everyone understands.”

Here is a sampling of what members can find in the Knowledge Library:

  • Conversion toolkits
  • Communication templates
  • Value analysis guides
  • Product and category overviews
  • Professional society guidelines within product categories
  • Physician preferences and insights

Kim Kelly, MSN, RN

“We’ve gotten feedback from members suggesting they are not certain what to do once a contract is live. Members want to know how this will impact their physicians and what the next steps are once a contract is signed,” shares Kim Kelly, MSN, RN, AVP of Clinical Services. “The Knowledge Library equips members with resources that are evaluated, translated and shared by healthcare professionals who have actually accomplished what they are trying to do. The content is broken down in a way that is both consumable and actionable, so members can easily understand the process, walk through the steps and make sound decisions.”

“Resources within the Knowledge Library are more focused and specific to an action than what members might get out of posting a question to the HealthTrust Huddle or by attending one of our Collaborative Summits,” shares Werthman. “Meaning, for example, if someone needs to understand how to engage the essential stakeholders in a conversion process, or what the available evidence is related to chlorhexidine prep for IV access, the Library is where they can quickly access the information.”

A team of experts at work​

Input from HealthTrust’s Physician Advisor network is key to the Library’s value. The Clinical Services Team regularly queries the network of more than 100 Physician Advisors for feedback on specific products and categories of products, including guidance for making a conversion.

When a question arises where there isn’t yet evidence documented in the available literature, the Clinical Services Team turns to member input via the HealthTrust Huddle platform, or they pull an interdisciplinary group together to help solve it. They collect the information, package and post it to the Library for members to benefit from the resource.

If members can’t find what they’re looking for to address a problem or need, they can submit a personalized request for support on either the Knowledge Library or the HealthTrust Huddle. “Whether it’s understanding the differences between two products or how to approach a conversion, we are there to create and tailor resources to assist,” explains Kelly.

“Through developing this online resource library, we’ve learned that healthcare systems all have common problems—and as a result, there are common solutions,” says Thompson. “Sometimes people don’t even know what to ask, so we are happy to be that connection for them. The platform is a great place to see what other organizations are doing and learn best practices from someone who’s already been down a road you’re about to travel.”

For more information, contact your HealthTrust Account Manager or visit the HealthTrust Knowledge Portal.

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