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60 Years of Learning Disabilities Advocacy: Celebrating Progress, Inspiring Change


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Feb 16, 2024
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In our new documentary, learn more about the origins of LDA, and how we’re carrying on the essential work of advocating for individuals with learning disabilities today.

To celebrate six decades of grassroots support and advocacy for individuals with learning disabilities, we’re sharing the story of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Journey back to 1963 with us, when a concerned group of parents came together to discuss the dire need for services for their children, and where Dr. Samuel Kirk, ‘the father of learning disabilities,’ created and used the term ‘learning disabilities’ for the very first time. That coalition became the Learning Disabilities Association, and from then onward, we fought to expand and protect the rights of individuals with learning disabilities and pushed for learning disabilities to become universally understood.

LDA was there to help pass key legislation like the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensuring that students with learning disabilities receive the educational support needed for successful learning. Hear from past and present LDA volunteers and employees about the 60 year impact of LDA’s work, and learn how LDA continues to support all individuals with learning disabilities through education and advocacy.

Get the transcript for the documentary here.
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