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Healing Our Individual and Collective Health Crises


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Feb 16, 2024
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I recently talked with seven times New York Times bestselling author, Marianne Williamson about my new book, Nourish Your Self Whole: A Guide to Core Dietary Pillars, with Achievable Steps for Vibrant Health. It was very fun to talk with her and I’ve gotten lots of good feedback. You can watch the recording on YouTube.

In the meantime, Marianne and others have asked me why I decided to write this book. Here is some of what I’ve been sharing:

For so many years in my adult life, my physical health and vitality were devolving to various degrees. In ways I was not enjoying. Over the years I tried so many approaches to try and change the course: supplements, medicines, all kinds of alternative health practitioners, etc. I would sometimes make improvements, but nothing that really allowed me to physically feel the way I wanted to.

But when I finally started to make serious dietary changes back in 2015, much to my surprise, I felt better than I had really in my whole life. In ways I didn’t anticipate or even really think were possible from diet alone. And my physiology is not that unique.

That’s in large part why I wrote this book, because I want others to feel the kinds of positive benefits to their health and vitality that I have from making these changes. It feels good to feel so good!

A collective health crises​

And the truth is, millions of people are in various states of health crises. Today 60 percent of Americans have one chronic disease and 40 percent have two or more chronic diseases. In ten years at the current trajectory, if nothing changes, 83 million Americans will have three or more chronic diseases, compared to 30 million in 2015. And 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese! 40% are obese, up from 3.4 percent in 1962. And yet many of the health challenges that people are experiencing can be improved, or even overcome, simply by dietary changes.

Another big motivation is that I discovered that healthy eating doesn’t have to hurt. You can feed your body the nutrients it needs to thrive without sacrificing your taste for scrumptious flavors, rich and varied textures and portions that allow you to feel satisfied and full. If you feel like you are constantly hungry or unsatisfied by what you are eating, you are not really doing it right. I don’t think people really GET that. So many have this erroneous idea that it’s just carrot and celery sticks. I eat a rich diversity of flavors and have a really robust and delicious diet.

A more accessible book​

I also wanted to create a more accessible book than a lot of books out there, that meets people where they are. So many books target a very purist, ideal approach. I wanted to help people see that they can enter this at the level they are at, and make meaningful changes that can improve the quality of life significantly.

I think for too many people, the 100% ideal diet feels so out of reach. So I wanted to write this to offer guidance and support, a blueprint really for those that feel they may not be able to achieve a perfect diet, but that can change their diet in meaningful ways and improve health and even have a dramatic and transformative outcome.

That being said, the information outlined in the book will prove very useful to just about anyone. Whether you are only ready for baby steps or are ready to dive deep, there is more than enough information within to be a powerful guide. I really homed in on the most core nutritional pillars that are particularly highly leveraged to help create improved health while maximizing time and energy.

And finally, and maybe even the biggest motivator to write the book, I was thinking of my loved ones: friends, family, etc. whom I love and want to have long, healthy happy lives with. They weighed heavily on my mind, as I want to keep us all healthy so we can keep on enjoying this life’s journey together.

There are a lot of other reasons, but in a nutshell, this sums up the key highlights.

Again, the book is called Nourish Your Self Whole: A Guide to Core Dietary Pillars, with Achievable Steps for Vibrant Health. I hope you will check it out!

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